Features of EasySaree

Easy Saree makes wearing a saree easy. Make perfect front pleats and palla pleats by yourself in minutes. Easy Saree is the simplest, safest, and quickest way to hold together your pleats, palla, chunni, lehnga dupatta, and more.

Now you can dress up in a desirable Saree style all by yourself with the help of Easy SareeWe also provide Saree Clips along with EasySaree to help you drape a saree and keep Saree Pleats and Saree Palla together. Saree Clips can help any saree fabric / cotton even if it is an extremely slinky or hard-to-drape material.

  1.  3 Different Sizes of Pleats Making.
  2.  For all kinds of Sarees like Chiffon, Cotton,Silk etc.
  3.  For all styles of Saree Draping like Official, Bridal, Gujarati, Maharashtrian etc.
  4.  Can be used for Other Dresses where Pleats are Required.
  5.  Comes with 2 Special Clips for a Comfortable Dealing.