[Tutorial] How To Wear A Saree In 3 Minutes – Step By Step Process

Follow our step-by-step process on how to wear a saree in less than 3 minutes. This tutorial illustrates a unique technique for saree draping & wearing style.

Do you remember the Bollywood romantic songs of the 1960s-70s? From iconic locations, soothing lyrics, and weird dance moves, much of the attention was grabbed by the outfits worn by actresses and there was one in common- Saree. It’s a long cloth, usually 4-9 yards in length, that is wrapped around the body in different styles.

Even today, saree is one of the most preferred choices for women to attend functions, parties and address household chores. However, there is one problem with the outfit- it requires your utmost attention and time. That’s why a few women try to focus their attention on other outfits, which don’t demand much time to wear them in style.

But what if there is a way to wear a saree without investing hours into it? Checkout our pleat maker tool Easy Saree

Ensure that you’re wearing the petticoat that matches the saree color and is firmly tied at the waist. You’re going to tuck most part of your sari into it, so thus, this needs to be perfect.

Note: If you plan to wear high heels, do that before you start draping. As this will get you the ideal length and prevent you from tripping over your own pleats.

How to wear a saree in under 3 minutes?

We, at Easy Saree, have come up with a way to make this happen. Below you can find a step-by-step process to quickly put on a saree. Let’s learn about it.

Step 1

Begin from the plain end, cover up the belly button and tuck in from that side. Now, complete the round from behind until you reach the first spot where you started.

Step 2

Pull the saree to the front and make pleats of the size (calculating distance from forefinger to your thumb).

Step 3

Depending on the material of your saree, make 5-7 pleats. Now, put the pleats into a petticoat and add a safety pin on the left side of your waist to secure it. This way, your saree will stay intact when you move or jump around.

Step 4

When all this is done, it’s time to divert your attention towards ‘Pallu’. You have two options to style it- pleat it together or let it flow.

Step 5

For a floating look, put the pallu on the left side of your shoulder and attach a pin to secure it. To complete the look, leave the pallu until the end or hold it at your forearm.

Step  6

To rock a pleated look, you have to design vertical pleats (5-6 inches) with the border being the first. To make this happen, put the pallu from under your right arm. After this, continue down the breadth of the saree.

Step 7

Connect a pin to the left side of your shoulder, with at least one meter left.

Finally, the process is complete and it hardly took 3 minutes to wear a saree. Now, you can look like a princess in the function and charm others with your appearance. In case you run into some trouble performing the above steps, feel free to use our Pleat Maker Tool –  Easy Saree