Sunaina Oberoi

Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY produced a product that I can use all while making pleats of my saree. It’s comfortable, non-slip and makes my saree look  more prettier while going out!

Where has EasySaree been all my life???

Natasha Malhotra

Listen up, Gal Pals: If you’re anything like me–and I bet you are because we are all identical! 😉 😉 – you hate the confusion and fear of making pleats of a saree. “How do I hold it?” you wonder. I hear you, girlfriend. Let’s face it, using your mother’s help can be difficult sometimes. Easy Saree helped me in dealing with my saree, make your saree & pallu pleats graceful and beautiful because you deserves it!

Abhimanyu Singh

This here is a wonderful invention. Now my wife can stop asking for my help everytime we go out for marriages and party’s. Now don’t get me wrong fellas. But when you are in a hurry to go out somewhere, instead of waiting for hours.. GIFT her this.